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What Type of Nebulizer is Best for Me?

If you are undergoing respiratory therapy for asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema, or any other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , you are probably familiar with metered-dose inhalers . The MDI is a very popular device for administering medication for respiratory therapies. However, MDI’s are often misused and mishandled. 1 In order to decrease the chances of improperly inhaling medication, your doctor may prescribe medicine that is best administered by using a nebulizer. There are literally hundreds of models and brands of nebulizers available, so choosing the right nebulizer can be overwhelming. To help you begin narrowing down which type of nebulizer best suits your needs, we have provided a short guide for you. Our Customer Support department is available at any time to answer questions you may have about nebulizers. Please call 678-986-4169 at any time to speak with a team member.

Compressor or “Jet” Nebulizers

The most common type of nebulizer is the compressor or “jet” type. It can fit easily on a counter or table top. It pushes air through the medication cup and turns it into a fine mist. These types of nebulizers are seen quite often in medical facilities. They are relatively simple to use and are cost effective.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

An ultrasonic nebulizer works differently than the compressor or “jet” type. It too can fit on a table. The ultrasonic nebulizer sends sound vibrations through the medicine; in turn, the medicine turns into a fine, inhalable mist. Ultrasonic nebulizers are easy to operate. Unlike the standard, compressor type of nebulizer, they are silent. Also, there are some restrictions on what types of medication can be used in the ultrasonic nebulizer since it adds heat to the medication. The ultrasonic nebulizer is more expensive than the compressor nebulizer, yet it reduces medication waste, is more portable, and operates silently.

Electronic Nebulizers

The electronic nebulizer is a type of ultrasonic nebulizer. It is small enough to fit on a countertop. It uses sound waves to vibrate a thin mesh or membrane within the medication cup, turning the medication into a fine aerosol. Unlike the ultrasonic nebulizer, it does not add heat to the medication; therefore, it is less restrictive. These types of nebulizers are more expensive than the other types, but have become extremely popular in recent years because they are energy efficient, make the medicine very easy to inhale, and are more portable than the other types. 2

Travel or Portable Nebulizers

Travel or portable nebulizers are small nebulizers that operate on batteries or by using a car adaptor. They can be either the compressor or ultrasonic type of nebulizers. They are lightweight, compact, and can easily be stored in luggage or in small living quarters. In fact, they can be stored in your carry-on luggage, as they meet TSA/FSA requirements for air travel. Travel nebulizers are more expensive than the home type. If you still have questions about which type of nebulizer is best for you, please call Customer Support at 678-986-4169.

1 Duarte-de-Araújo, A, et al. “COPD: Misuse of Inhaler Devices in Clinical Practice.” International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, vol. 14, 2019, pp. 1209–17, doi:10.2147/COPD.S178040.

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