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Devilbiss 3650, 4650, and 5650 Nebulizer Compressor Filter


  • Replacement for Pulmo-Aide® compressor system with disposable nebulizer
  • 5 Pieces Per Box
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5 Pieces Per Box

Air Inlet Filter Pulmo-Aide®; For use with For Devilbiss 3650, 4650, and 5650 Nebulizer Compressor



Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare was formed in January 2000 under the name Medical Depot.Inc. Not long after the Company was started, the ownership recognized the opportunity to reflect the spirit of the Company and the quality of life it provides to the users of their products, and therefore, changed the name to Drive. This culture and drive led to the significant growth and the formation of a multi-national organization. The continuous growth and expansion throughout the years is supported by the best professionals in the business, state-of-the-art technology and an undying winning attitude. When DeVilbiss Healthcare was acquired in 2015, the Company became known as Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

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