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Folding Wedge - 7"

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The Folding Wedge will help you sleep comfortably elevated, help aid digestion, and ease breathing and sinus pressure. The upright, angled position will provide comfort while supporting the head and chest. Plus, you’ll sleep with your spine properly aligned which helps relieve muscle tension and back pain. You’ll also love the feel of the super-soft, velour cover. The Folding Wedge easily folds to store during the day or unfolds for nighttime use.

Vendor: Contour
Sku: 30-92407R
Availability: Avail
Contour Folding Leg Pillow
  • Full-sized wedge is compressed in the package – easy to carry and saves space
  • Doctors recommend wedges for digestive issues, orthopedic support, and respiratory conditions
  • Hypoallergenic, high-density medical support foam is firm enough to keep its shape and soft enough to ensure your comfort
  • Folds to 12” L x 24” W x 7” H for compact storage; fits under most beds and in closets
  • Includes a soft, velour zippered cover for easy removal
  • Cover is machine washable
Brand Contour
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