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Airvo Heated Breathing Tube and Chamber Kit

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We’ve all seen it happen before. When warm, humid gas touches anything even a fraction of a degree colder than itself (i.e. dew point), it cools and generates condensate. We see it often in conventional breathing tubes made of thin, dense plastic: their surfaces are easily cooled by the outside air, resulting in unpleasant “rain-out”.

Vendor: fisher & Paykel
Sku: 900PT561
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UOM: 10/Ctn
Airvo Heated Tube and Chamber

The heating spiral contains heater wire to warm the breathing gas inside the tube. The insulating spiral uses a bubble of warmed air around the breathing gas to shield it from the outside environment. Like a double-paned window, the inside and outside surfaces of the tube are physically separated, to reduce cooling and helps maximize the level of humidity remaining in the gas all the way to the patient.

Brand Fisher & Paykel
UOM 10/Ctn
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