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Best of 2021: Ebb Cool Drift Luxe Sleep Therapy System

If you have been diagnosed with insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder that requires sleep therapy, the Ebb Cool Drift Luxe Sleep Therapy System is a drug-free solution. The Ebb Cool Drift is a headband that precisely cools your body so that metabolic activity is reduced in your brain. This allows you to fall asleep faster since it is clinically proven that lower temperatures quiet racing thoughts.

Ebb Cool Drift Luxe

drug free solution

Drug Free Solution

The Ebb Cool Drift Luxe Sleep Therapy System is a unique, drug-free solution to insomnia and other sleep disorders. After decades of research based on 3,800 sleep studies, Dr. Eric Nofzinger, world renowned sleep researcher and Professor of Psychiatry at University of Pittsburg School of Medicine, inspired the technology behind the Ebb Cool Drift. Dr. Nofzinger looked at actual images of the brains of sleep patients. As a result, Nofzinger discovered the power of cooling as it relates to sleep. Cooler temperatures, when precisely and accurately applied to the frontal cortex of the brain, are a true catalyst for healthier sleep. Hence, a new, drug-free sleep therapy was born.

The real benefit to this kind of sleep therapy is that there are no lingering effects, whereas with drug therapy most patients experience a type of brain-fog when they wake. It is true that pharmaceutical therapy is a necessity for some types of sleep disorders, but for those motivated to practice wellness, the Ebb Cool Drift is a great technology. Sleeping pills shut your brain down, but the Ebb Cool Drift enhances your body’s natural sleep rhythms. Consequently, there are no side effects

Targeted Sleeplessness

Drug therapy for sleeplessness simply treats the primary symptom of insomnia, which is restlessness. On the other hand, the Ebb Cool Drift Luxe Sleep Therapy System targets the cause of sleeplessness, which are racing thoughts. Racing thoughts stimulate the frontal cortex of your brain. The result is that you are unable to fall asleep and wake up continually throughout the night. As a result, the Ebb Cool Drift Luxe is worn around the head and cools the frontal cortex of the brain. This lowers metabolic activity. In turn, your body can rest. What’s more, the Ebb Cool Drift is 100% clinically tested and backed by years of scientific research.

Deep, Comfortable Sleep

The Ebb Cool Drift Luxe Sleep Therapy System features a comfortband that is worn around the head. Plus, the headband is tripled layered and cushioned for extra comfort. It is also engineered to fit any head shape or size. Finally, the proprietary cushioning is designed to focus cooler temperatures onto your frontal cortex so that you become calmer. The result is that you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. As a result, you get more restorative sleep throughout the night so that you can function at your peak throughout the day.

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