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Alleva extrCare 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

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  • 400cc Canister
  • AC Power Cord/Charger
  • Bed Clamp
  • User Manual
  • and Carrying Case
Vendor: Extricare
Sku: 3600
Availability: Avail
ExtriCare 3600 NPWT

ExtriCARE® 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

The extriCARE® 3600 Pump for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has a simple and intuitive design that is easy to use by healthcare professionals or patients in home, hospitals and other inpatient facilities. The 3600 pump has a rotatable back-mount for securing to beds and IV poles. A carrying case is also available. With a user-friendly design, simple pressure settings, customizable treatment modes, and powerful negative pressure wound suction, this device offers a rich feature set that delivers effective performance while being easy to operate.

Weight: 2.87 lbs
Battery Type: Lithium (rechargeable)
Vacuum Modes: Continuous or intermittent
Charging Time:< 5 hours
Dimensions: Length: 6.7” (17cm), Height: 5.1” (13cm), Depth: 4.3” (11cm)
100-240 V
50/60 Hz
1.5 A

The extriCARE® 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) device is a portable, battery powered pump designed for use at homes, or in hospitals, wound care centers, and other medical facilities. The extriCARE® 3600, used in conjunction with our anatomically fitted line of wound dressings, may promote wound healing through the drainage and removal of wound exudates, infectious material, and tissue debris from the wound bed using continuous and/or intermittent negative pressure.

Brand Extricare
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