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PARI LC PLUS® Nebulizer Kit Small Volume 8 mL Medication Bowl Pediatric Bubbles the Fish™ II Aerosol Mask

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    • Includes nebulizer, Timestrip®, mask, WingTip™ tubing
    • Shorter treatment times while maintaining the same efficient drug delivery
    • Delivers more medication when you breathe in, and wastes less when you breathe out
    • “Bubbles” has a unique front loading design that minimizes aerosol loss while improving patient compliance
    • Nebulizer can be cleaned in the dishwasher and lasts 6-12 months


    Manufacturer #022F63
    BrandPARI LC PLUS®
    ApplicationNebulizer Kit
    Delivery MethodBubbles the Fish™ II Aerosol Mask
    Nebulizer TypeSmall Volume
    Oxygen Tube LengthWith Tubing
    Reservoir Capacity8 mL
    Reservoir SolutionUnfilled
    Reservoir TypeMedication Bowl
    UNSPSC Code42271806
    UsageSingle Use



    Designed with our patients in mind, PARI products aim to provide efficient aerosol delivery and a better quality of life. PARI’s foundation is our strong clinical track record developed from years of clinical research and proven safety and efficacy with well-known nebulized medications. PARI reusable nebulizers were used in the following pivotal trials to prove safety and efficacy:Pulmicort Respules® - AstraZeneca Perforomist®, Accuneb®, and Duoneb® - Dey Pulmozyme® - Genentech TOBI® - Novartis Xopenex® and Brovana® - Sunovion*All registered marks and trademarks belong to their respective companies


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