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Flip Pillow


It’s the most versatile pillow available – the Contour Flip™ Pillow is all you need for rest, sleep and play. Its unique, hinged design allows you to flip it into a wide variety of amazingly comfortable positions. Support and align your head and neck while you sleep; Ideal for all sleep positions – side, back or stomach. Flip it into a wedge for doctor-recommended inclined sleep or to relax with while reading, watching TV – also great for nursing. Place it under your legs to provide elevation for your knees and calves. Perfect to relax on while playing your favorite video game. Use two to create a zero-gravity position for “weightless” comfort and to alleviate pressure points.

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• Unique hinged design provides 10 different uses from one pillow
• Hypoallergenic fiber-fill is soft and provides long-lasting support
• Perfect alternative to bulky foam back support wedges
• Custom-fit pillowcases sold separately – white, navy, and beige




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