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CPAPMax Cotton Pillow Case


• Easy-to-button enclosure makes it easy to put the pillowcase on or remove it from your CPAPMax® pillow
• Unique form-fitting design allows you to benefit from the side cutouts and orthopedic contoured shape
• Made from 300-thread count soft, breathable 100% cotton
• Unique top open end gives easy access to the hose tether
• Easily removes and is machine washable
• Choose the color that’s perfect for your décor – white, navy, or beige

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Keep your CPAPMax® Pillow fresh and clean! This high quality pillow cover is designed to custom fit the curves and shape of your CPAPMax pillow. It is uniquely designed to open on the upper end of the pillow to allow easy access to the inner cover CPAP hose tether. It’s made from a premium 300 thread count, 100% cotton fabric – soft and breathable to enhance the cool properties of your pillow.




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