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3B Medical Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator


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    The Aer X POC from 3B medical is the latest and best designed POC on the market today.  It’s proudly made in the USA.  The Aer X allows for your to explore more freedom in the outdoors or anywhere else you would like to travel.  It’s lightweight and comes with a designer shoulder bag allowing for easy transport.  The 3B Medical Aer X delivers up to 20% more oxygen than competing units.  Contact us to learn more.

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    Modern Design: The 3B Medical Aer x Portable Concentrator brings modern design and a smaller footprint for patients on the go.

    Easy Change Sieve Cartridge: More than just good looks>  With its easy slide and snap function, maintenance is a breeze!

    Features and Controls: Features easy-press buttons to control your Aer X, indicator lights, a full color LCD screen, and magnetic cannula port for safety.

    Lithium Ion Batteries:  The battery will power the 3B Aer X without connection to an external power source.  When fully charged, a single battery will provide approximately 4 hours of operation at a setting of 2.


    • Easy Change Of Battery Pack
    • Power Supply can run device and charge battery
    • Bluetooth communications
    • GPS location for assest recovery
    • Cloud based patient management
    • Cellular communication
    • User changeable – Inlet filter
    • Magnetic cannula release
    • User replaceable sieve catridge

    Flow Settings:

    • Maximum O2 production 1200 cc/min
    • Pulse – 5 settings


    • Automobile power plug
    • Auxiliary battery charging station
    • Designer shoulder bag
    • Back pack
    • Tool belt style bag

    Device Specs:
    Model Number: AX1000
    Height: 8.25
    Depth: 2.75
    Length: 7.12
    Weight: 4.2 lb
    Hours of Use: 4 hr
    Pulse Settings: 1-5
    Noise Level: 39DbA at 21lpm
    Bolus: maximum O2 per
    min. is 1200 ml/ min

    Best of 2021: Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator by 3B Medical

    Of all the Portable Oxygen Concentrators [POC’s] on the market these days, the Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator may very well be the most stylish. Not only is it incredibly compact and lightweight, it boasts technology that adjusts the POC to the patients breathing. As a result, the patient does not have to give up an active lifestyle even though they’ve been diagnosed with COPD. For these reasons, the sales and service team at Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen has selected the Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator by 3b as one its favorites for the year 2021.

    True Portability

    You cannot talk about the Aer X without mentioning how small and lightweight it is. It comes in at only 4.25 pounds, and that is with a battery. The dimensions are alarming: it is roughly 7”x3”x8”. That is smaller than a common toaster. It will run for 4 hours on a full battery and comes in a custom carry bag with an adjustable strap. It is incredibly quiet—around 40 decibels. This is about the same as the ambient sound in a library. Therefore, you can take the Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator anywhere you’d like and not worry about distracting others.

    Active X Technology

    The Aer X by 3b is the Portable Oxygen Concentrator on the market these days with Active X technology. The way it works is this: the Active X technology follows the COPD patient’s breathing and adjusts the oxygen delivery as needed based upon a complex algorithm. For example, if the patient’s respiration increases, so does the amount of oxygen the patient gets. Thus, the Aer X by 3b is perfect for those that are not willing to give up active lifestyles. For example, during strenuous activity, your breath increases. The Active X technology detects how many breaths per minute you take and adjusts by providing you with extra oxygen. It delivers up to 1,100 cc of oxygen per minute, which is 20% more than other units like it on the market.

    Made in the USA

    The Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator is made in the United States of America. This being the case, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, it is user-friendly and has a brightly colored LCD screen. For more information about the Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator and other products by 3b, feel free to contact our customer support staff by emailing us at



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