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CPAP Masks

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How to Find the Right CPAP Mask for You

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea or any other kind of sleep disorder that requires continuous positive airway pressure [CPAP], the first step for successful treatment is to select the proper CPAP mask. This process can be overwhelming, yet this is why Southeastern Medical Equipment has provided for you the following guide, “How to Find the Right CPAP Mask for You.”

Mask Style

CPAP masks are designed to provide you with a steady stream of air while you sleep. This will keep your upper airways open. In turn, you are less likely to snore. Open airways combat sleep apnea. Therefore, the steady stream of air can be delivered through your nose or mouth—or even both in some cases. The medium of oxygen delivery depends on your individual needs.
Most people use masks that deliver oxygen through their nose. These kinds of CPAP masks have a triangular shaped cushion that covers the nostrils. There is usually a headgear made of fabric or Velcro that holds the cushion to your face. From there, a hose that attaches to the CPAP machine. These types of CPAP masks are the most basic. They are the least expensive and work great for people with mild cases of sleep apnea.

For individuals that experience extreme restlessness, you might want to consider a nasal pillow. The nasal pillow is a more secure option since the oxygen is delivered through inserts that look like earbuds, yet the “earbuds” are inserted into your nostrils. The nasal pillow is good if you are claustrophobic. It is less obstructive than other CPAP masks.

If you are the kind of sleeper that breathes through your mouth, you may want to consider a mask that covers both the nose and mouth. There are also masks that cover the entire face. If you have questions about these types of CPAP masks, please contact our Customer Support team by calling (800) 653-6888. We will be glad to help you find the proper CPAP mask style for your individual needs.

Mask Size

Most people who use CPAP machines have had a sleep study—also known as a titration study.  If you have not had a sleep study, you can certainly benefit from one since you will be introduced to CPAP. You will also be introduced to different styles and sizes of masks.

CPAP masks come in a variety of sizes, and each manufacturer is different. For example, one manufacturer may refer to a size as a “medium” while another calls it “wide.” Some manufactures carry “oversized” CPAP masks, while others specialize in CPAP masks for children.  The key to selecting the right size of CPAP mask is one that fits comfortably while allowing adequate delivery of oxygen, yet without leaks.

CPAP Mask Accessories

After you’ve found the right style and size of your CPAP mask, you will want to explore the world of CPAP mask accessories. These accessories will not make your treatment easier, but will increase the efficacy of it. For example, you can purchase adjustable chinstraps for your CPAP masks. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to get a CPAP mask with a liner. There are also pads and cushions available to make your CPAP mask more comfortable. Plus, there is heated tubing to help prevent excess moisture and condensation.

If you have questions about CPAP mask accessories, please contact our Customer Support team. You can do this by following the chat dialogue box in the lower right hand corner of any of our web pages, by emailing us here, or by calling (888) 653-6888. We look forward to hearing from you.