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Sleep Therapy

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Why Buy Your Sleep Therapy Supplies from Us?

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Obstructive Sleep Apnea [OSA] or other type of disorder that requires sleep therapy, when it comes to purchasing equipment and Positive Airway Pressure [PAP] devices, you have most likely determined there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you are newly diagnosed and shopping for your first CPAP device and CPAP supplies, or a long-term patient seeking an upgrade for BiPAP solutions, Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen is here to help you choose the products that are best for you.

Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen has a licensed respiratory therapist on staff with decades of experience in providing treatment of sleep apnea. Not only can we help you select the proper CPAP and BiPAP devices, but we offer sleep therapy supplies and solutions. Please call our Customer Support team at (800) 653-6888. We will be glad to help you. Plus, if you have questions about the specifics of sleep therapy equipment or sleep therapy accessories, we can connect you with one of our clinical support specialist and/or respiratory therapists.

Market Expertise

Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen has been in the medical supply business for several decades. The technology for sleep therapy is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the products we offer. As a result, we know which products work for specific people. For example, there is an array of sleep therapy masks and accessories to choose from. Thus, when choosing the proper CPAP mask, it is difficult for a patient to choose between a nasal mask, nasal pillow, full-face mask, or oral mask. Sure, trial and error is a tried and true method for determining which CPAP mask works best. However, our Customer Support team and respiratory therapists can save you the guess work and make informed suggestions that will help you rest better.

It is true that a patient’s sleep disorder diagnosis can change over time, but still you want to purchase sleep therapy equipment that will last as long as your treatment requires. Plus, you want to make sure that the type of PAP device you choose fits your lifestyle. For example, some PAP devices come with special features like alarms and battery backup systems. These bells and whistles can be expensive, but for some patients, they are not just worth the extra cost, but are a necessity. Therefore, you will need help to determine which types of features your sleep therapy requires. Thus, please contact our Customer Support team at any time. Make sure to ask plenty of questions about the items you are interested in. Please call (800) 653-6888 at any time to speak with someone.

Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

Purchasing the proper CPAP and BiPAP machine is only part of the equation. In order to have continuously successful sleep therapy, you must properly clean and maintain your CPAP or BiPAP device. This is done in several ways. For one, you need to have a proper CPAP Sanitizer Systems. There are special CPAP and BiPAP Sanitizer machines that you can consider. In addition to having extra CPAP and BiPAP tubing on hand, you should always have clean filters and wipes.

Cleaning and maintaining your sleep therapy devices does not have to be difficult, but should become part of your routine. If you have questions about this, please email us at or call us at (800) 653-6888. We will be happy to offer a maintenance plan and answer any questions about any of the sleep therapy equipment on our website. Plus, we can connect you with our clinical support specialists and respiratory therapists. They will ensure you are purchasing the equipment you need to meet your sleep therapy needs.