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Portable Concentrators

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Why Buy Your Portable Oxygen Concentrators [POC’s] from Us?

If you have been prescribed respiratory therapy to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] or any type of breathing disorder, the Portable Oxygen Concentrator [POC] may be the most important device you own. For many, the POC is their lifeline. Without it, quality of life suffers and daily activities are restricted. However, with the proper POC, respiratory therapy patients can live active, healthy lives. With the proper POC, they can participate in the same activities as those without COPD.

Consequently, purchasing the POC that is right for you can be tricky since there are so many different POC’s on the market. However, Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen is here to help you through this process. Not only have we provided maintenance and purchasing guides for you throughout this website, but we have respiratory support specialists on staff. Thus, if you need to speak with someone, please contact Customer Support at (800) 653-6888. We will be happy to assist you in this endeavor.

Do I Need Pulse Flow or Continuous Flow?

 When it comes to selecting a POC, the first thing you should determine is whether you need a pulse or continuous flow device to deliver your oxygen. A pulse flow delivery oxygen concentrator reacts to the rate of your breath. Whenever you inhale, the machine recognizes this and reacts by giving you a dose of oxygen. The battery life on these types of machines last a long time. Also, this on-demand system wastes less oxygen than the continuous delivery method.

The continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen to you unremittingly. That is, the continuous flow POC delivers oxygen nonstop. Thus, this type of delivery method is best for respiratory therapy patients that require at least 0.5-3 liters per minute of oxygen. The continuous flow concentrator is good for patients whose breath is shallow while sleeping. It is also good for patients who breath through their mouths.

Some patients will benefit from the use of a pulse flow oxygen concentrator during the day, and continuous flow concentrator at night while sleeping. Thus, if you need help determining which delivery method best suits your therapeutic needs, please call Customer Support at (800) 653-6888. We have clinically certified respiratory therapists on staff to help you.

Will My Insurance Pay for My POC?

It is true that POC’s are expensive. Thus, a commonly asked question is whether or not insurance will cover the purchase of a POC. The answer to this question is complex, yet the basic answer is this: not really. Medicare, as well as many insurance providers, consider portable oxygen concentrators luxury items.  What happens many times is that Medicare and/or the insurance providers have to pay a monthly “rental” fee for the equipment.

Many of these rental agreements are for a period of 5 years. Technology moves fast. Much can change in 5 years. Thus, your diagnosis and physicality changes, and the equipment becomes outdated.  Therefore, there is a benefit to owning your portable oxygen concentrator. That is why Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen offers flexible pricing plans on refurbished POC’s. If you need to discuss a flexible pricing plan that is right for you, please call Customer Support at (800) 653-6888. We will find the product that works for you at a price you can afford.