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Pediatrics Nebulizers

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Why Buy Your Pediatric Nebulizers from Us?

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma or another type of illness that requires respiratory therapy, your doctor has most likely prescribed medication that must be inhaled. One popular method for administering respiratory medication to children is by using the metered-dose inhaler [MDI]. Another type of method is the pediatric nebulizer mask. These methods are very similar in that your child inhales the medicated aerosol into their lungs. However, there are some common myths about administering respiratory medications to children that need to be dispelled.

MDI or Nebulizer Mask?

The most common myth is that MDI’s are better than nebulizer masks.  This is isn’t true. In a study 1 published in Current Medical Research and Opinion, Dr. Paul Brand determined that the correct inhaler and/or nebulizer is the key to successfully delivering medications to children.  That is, it is essential that the appropriate respiratory device should be chosen for each child. The choice of respiratory device varies based on several factors including age, size, and type of medication the child is prescribed.

One thing that Dr. Brand’s study did not take into account, however, is that administering respiratory therapies to children is a tricky business. For one, children are often fidgety and sometimes frightened by the thought of inhaling strange mists from MDI’s. What’s more, the thought of inhaling the mist from a series of tubes and compressors can be overwhelming for your child. Thus, Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen has a full line of nebulizer masks for children to choose from. The nebulizer masks come in an array of shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of imaginative characters and animal faces. This makes “medicine time” more
like a game and less like a medical treatment. As a result, your child is less likely to be non-compliant. Hence, their respiratory treatments will be more successful, which will lead to a better quality of life.

Quality of Life

Nebulizer treatments administered to children have varying degrees of success. At Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen, we understand this. We want to make sure you’re your child is getting the best pediatric nebulizer treatment possible. Consequently, we want to ensure that you get the device that best fits your child’s needs. We also understand that your child’s respiratory therapy may require changes to your daily activities. Plus, we also understand that this therapy is likely to be long term. As a result, we are here for you at any time to answer questions about your child’s nebulizer treatments. In fact, we have respiratory therapists on staff that can answer your questions and can offer tips on how to make the treatments more effective. Please call our Customer Support team at (800) 653-6888 at any time and we can connect you.

Long Term Care

As a long-term recipient of respiratory therapy, your child will undergo physical changes. Hence, your child’s nebulizer will need to be updated to fit his or her current condition. Thus, Southeastern Equipment & Oxygen has a full selection of nebulizer parts and accessories to choose from. Remember: we are here for you for the long term to help you avoid common problems with your child’s nebulizer treatments. Finally, we seek to provide you with professional and friendly support for your child’s nebulizer treatments. Again, we have a full-service clinical support staff or respiratory therapists available at any time. Please call (800) 653-6888 and our Customer Support team will connect you.