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Best of 2022: The Contour Cloud Pillow

Do you suffer from neck pain when you wake up in the morning? Does it last throughout the day? If so, chances are you are sleeping “incorrectly.” What this means is that the position you are sleeping in is not conducive to the way your neck, head, and shoulders are aligned. Thus, Southeastern Medical Equipment is proud to offer you a solution to your sleep troubles: the Contour Cloud Pillow.

What does the Contour Cloud Pillow do?

The Contour Cloud Pillow is one of many sleep solutions offered by Contour Products. As a result of its innovative design, the Contour Cloud Pillows helps to reduce neck pain and aches by ensuring your head, neck, and shoulders are correctly positioned while you sleep. For starters, the Cloud Pillow has a crescent shape cutout that supports your shoulders. Unlike traditional pillows that push and bump up against your shoulders, the Cloud Pillow’s crescent shape caresses your shoulders. In turn, the contours of the Cloud Pillow support and align your spine, which puts you in an ideal sleeping position.

What is the design of the Contour Cloud?

The Contour Cloud Pillow is a 3-layer design for optimal support. It is topped with a comfortable memory foam, yet the middle layer is the part of the pillow that provides most of the support. This yellow wedge gives your neck additional support and comfort, which will ensure proper posture while you sleep. Finally, the base of the pillow supports your head. The blue base keeps your head from bottoming out on the mattress. These support lobes come in two heights and encourage further alignment of the neck and the head. Lastly, the top layer of the Contour Cloud Pillow has ridges. These ridges increase air circulation to help keep you cool while you sleep.

Who uses the Contour Cloud Pillow?

Anyone who experiences neck and shoulder pain upon waking up can benefit from the design of the Contour Cloud Pillow. Doctors and sleep specialists often recommend the Contour Cloud Pillow to their patients. Plus, the Contour Cloud Pillow is small enough to fit into a normal sized suitcase. Therefore, it is great to travel with. Pillow cases and other accessories for the Contour Cloud Pillow are available in our store, so please come by Southeastern Medical Equipment at 1512 Red Bud Road, Suite 4, Calhoun, Georgia 30701 for more information.