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Best of 2022: VivaLift!® Atlas Recliner Collection by Pride Mobility

If you are in the market for a powerlift recliner that is also classified as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA, the sales and service team at Southeastern Medical Equipment highly recommends the VivaLift! Atlas Recliner collection by Pride Mobility. To begin, it is quite stylish. Many other brands of recliners/lift chairs are not this aesthetically pleasing. Its appearance is sleek and modern, and it comes in 3 contemporary colors.  Thus, you can choose from Badlands Steel, Badlands Walnut, or Badlands Mushroom to match any style décor. 


In addition to being a great looking powerlift recliner/lift chair, the VivaLift! Atlas is built for comfort in mind. The faux-leather fabrics of the VivaLift! Atlas will not just bring you content, but are made from a blend of synthetic polyesters that are durable and stain resistant.  Plus, the fabrics are hypo-allergenic. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean. In addition, the VivaLift! Atlas has a 400 pound lift capacity and a 22” wide seat. There is plenty of room in this chair. It features a powered headrest and a powered lumbar support. Thus, you can adjust this chair for optimal comfort. Also, the chair has two—not just one—cup holders. When not in use, they are stored within the hideaway armrest. The dual cup holders may seem like a frivolous detail, but are something worth noting since the chair caters to both right- and left-handed people. 

Easy Operation 

One of the first things you notice when you sit in the VivaLift! Atlas—other than it being superbly comfortable—is that the back and foot sections operate independently of one another. What this means is that you can fine tune the positioning of the VivaLift! Atlas to tailor to your personal needs. This is especially useful when sitting in the chair for long periods of time as it helps to prevent soreness and muscle strain. 

What’s more, the VivaLift! Atlas comes with a wireless remote control. Therefore, you will not need to stretch and bend over to reach the control panel.  The VivaLift! Atlas has four motors, and there are an infinite amount of positions that can be obtained. As mentioned before, the foot and back sections operate independently, but they can operate at the same time too. Either way, these positions can all be obtained with the touch of a button. 

Other Observations 

If you have mobile impairments, the VivaLift! Atlas is definitely the choice for you. We make this recommendation because the chair is not just extremely comfortable, but it is incredibly easy to use. Bottom line: the chair looks great, feels great, and is the kind of furniture you can take long, restful naps in without ever getting sore or feeling groggy when you wake up. This is hands down one of the best recliners/power lift chairs on the market today. Therefore, Southeastern Medical Equipment highly recommends it for anyone who wants a great looking, fully functional powerlift recliner—regardless of gender, size, and stature. Want to see for yourself? Come by our storefront at 1512 Red Bud Rd Suite 4, Calhoun, GA 30701 for a demo.